North County Dublin Music School


We offer tuition in a variety of popular instruments and styles
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Piano classes are conducted on a one to one basis. The class duration can be 30 mins, 45 mins or an hour, depending on the level of student. 

Beginners are instructed in the fundamentals of music, such as reading musical notation, rhythm, theory and aural skills. Our main aim when teaching piano is always to encourage learning through enjoyment. 
For more advanced students, we offer lessons covering all RIAM Grades, 1 through 8.

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Violin instruction is provided on both an individual and group class basis. Students can choose to focus their learning around either classical music or traditional Irish music styles. Exams are encouraged but by no means compulsory.

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Keyboard lessons are taught on a one to one basis. The majority of our keyboard students follow the London College of Music course, progressing through grades and completing the exams. Classical, Jazz/Blues and Pop Music are just some of the styles covered.

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Vocal lessons can be provided on a one to one or group class basis. A variety of styles are offered including Traditional, Classical, Pop and Musical Theatre. 

In addition to covering the different techniques for each style, instruction is also given in proper breathing, posture, vocal strength, clear tone production, range development, scales, dynamics and music theory.


Whether you want to learn how to rock out on your own, join a band or just learn to string a few chords together, we have guitar lessons to suit all levels and styles. Strumming techniques, chord structure, music notation and also learning popular songs are provided for on a one to one or group basis.


From the sounds of a Hawaiian party to the music of George Formby, the Ukulele is an incredibly versatile and fun instrument to learn. We offer lessons in music notation, strumming techniques and chords for popular songs.

Bass Guitar

Everybody loves a driving bass line that just cannot be ignored. The bass guitar is the backbone of all great rhythm sections. On a one to one or group basis, we can teach you to play popular bass riffs, strumming techniques and also how to create your own bass solos

Tin Whistle

Tin Whistle course teaches the basics of whistle-playing. This includes tonguing and slurring, and breathing techniques. Students will learn slow airs, jigs and polkas and through these ornamentation and variation are taught. Students are also taught music notation and rhythm.


Students will learn the basics of recorder including breathing techniques, tonguing and slurring. They will learn songs and airs. While learning recorder students will learn how to read music notation, rhythm and theory.